2019 Focus on the Boro Best In Show Winner

Vicki Graham makes her living as Speech-language Pathologist working in a pediatric outpatient clinic.  As a child, she began studying drawing and painting and continued honing her skills as an adult. From these studies, she learned color theory and composition. One of her drawing students, a wedding photographer, offered photography lessons in exchange for painting lessons. Another friend encouraged her to join the online group, 52Frames which she credits with pushing her to explore various photographic genres and learn editing skills. She has received photography awards and remains surprised and  thrilled when others like her work. She continues to learn the craft and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot with and learn from members of Photography Connect Murfreesboro.



Returning judge Al Gordon is an award winning photographer based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  He holds the degrees of Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, Tennessee Certified Degree, and the Accolade of Photographic Excellence.  He also has won the Best Wedding Image from WPPI, out of over 7000 images, and many other national and international awards.  He has been published in many different books on wedding photography, and major magazines such as Rangefinder, PPA, and Brides magazine.  He is a national speaker and judge. Gordon is a past president of the Tennessee Professional Photographers, and a past president of the Florida Professional Photographers.  Al grew up in Murfreesboro, and graduated from Oakland High School.



2018 Focus on the Boro Best In Show Winner

Growing up in Australia, Craig was heavily influenced by his father, an amateur naturalist and hobby photographer. Living in an area surrounded by woodlands and rainforest, weekends were spent enjoying nature, and watching his father’s attempts at capturing the perfect landscape. After an effort to learn photography at a young age, his love of music dominated his spare time, but he always maintained an appreciation for the photographic arts. Craig moved to Murfreesboro from Australia in late 2000. Although he never lost his admiration for photography, it was not until 2011, a week after the death of his father, that Craig received the gift of a camera from a family member. In an effort to honor his father’s memory, he determined to teach himself the technical aspects of photography to allow him to capture and convey the images and visions he could see in the natural world. Although he does not limit himself in regards to subject, endeavoring to capture the beauty in all aspects of life, his first love will always be Nature.

BW Waterfall Rutledge
Abandoned House 2


Jennifer Richardson loves connecting people to the arts through creating, teaching, and experiencing art in person. She is currently the Education and Curatorial Assistant at the Parthenon in downtown Nashville. Prior to that, she taught art history to students at The Art Institute of Tennessee for well over a decade. Jennifer has also been providing art lessons to her local community through Golden House Studio since she opened it in 2009. She still actively creates art for her own pleasure as well as being a featured artist at chalk festivals around the country and is co-owner of Curated Art Tours.

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